How to Manage and Download Videos From Dropbox

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage service that is in high demand these days. The capacity to provide up to 2 GB of free storage, along with the facility to share as well as sync data, makes it the first choice of many. 

The reason for choosing Dropbox over other file storage systems is the ease of accessing files at any place. Also, it allows you to get a copy of files that are deleted if you do it within 30 days of deletion. The files you save on Dropbox can be synced to any device of your choice. 

Instead of sharing large files, you can easily share Dropbox links with your friends. If you need more than 2 GB of storage, you can increase it up to 3 TB by buying a subscription plan. This file hosting service helps to keep all your crucial data in the Cloud. 

Amongst many other cloud storage alternatives like Google Drive or Microsoft one drive, DropBox has a great clientele around. And it is becoming more popular these days. However, some restrictions and issues are using DropBox. One such issue is understanding the process of downloading videos from DropBox.

To handle this issue, you can take the help of Reddit. This platform helps you to download videos and files from Dropbox by providing meaningful suggestions and solutions. You may also go through online tutorials to learn how to download from Reddit on your computer in case you find an interesting video on the platform that you want to save.

How Does It work?

Once you get the free version or subscribe for the same, you will get the particular storage amount. The allotted space will be there in the Cloud (the online server). After you complete the process of installing Dropbox on a mobile device or your personal computer, there will be a copy of each file you store locally. And this replica of the files will be there in the Dropbox server.

Features Offered by Dropbox


Apart from offering the services to store your data in Cloud, it helps to provide a better sync of data to your devices. Including basic functionalities, it has a great set of features for business users. See what the features you can enjoy with Dropbox are:

  • Great accessibility of files over PC, mobile, or on Mac through apps or web form, and it works for Android and iOS both. The high-end 256-bit AES encryption works with all versions of Dropbox.
  • The data storage with Dropbox is not just saving your files; it keeps the history records with proper versioning. It helps to recover files in unwanted scenes like data deletion or malware attacks. 
  • If you use the free version, you are allowed to recover the data till 30 days after deletion. On the other hand, the 180 days time interval is provided for paid versions of Dropbox.
  • The other reason for using Dropbox is the easy service for file sharing. You are allowed to set the permissions before you share the file. To share the files and folders, you don’t need to share the big fat attachment. You can create the link for the folder or file. Also, with a specific link and permission, you can make the files public.

How Much Does It Cost to Pay

As we have already mentioned, the basic and free version of Dropbox provides you with 2 GB of storage. The professionals who want more features and space can go to the paid version, which will cost up to $20 a month. 

You can get here multiple bonus features like extended time for retrieval of deleted files and a fast search of data. With different price levels, you can get the enterprise and business versions for Dropboxs.

After providing so much information about Dropbox, its usage, and its benefits, we are landing on the process of downloading and managing videos from Dropbox. This task is quite difficult for many. And here, we are offering some ways to make it easy: 

  • Download videos on iPhone from Dropbox: After launching the app on your iPhone, select the video you want to download. Hold it and use “Save to Camera Roll” to download the video.
  • Download videos on the computer from Dropbox: For this download process, you need to go to the Official website of Dropboxs. Login there by the following selection of specific videos for download. From the toolbar, find the Download tab and go ahead. 

You may encounter a slow internet connection while attempting to download videos from Dropbox. If you have a large file to download, you cannot download it in one go. You will have to do it separately by dividing the file into small sizes. 

To avoid all such restrictions and limitations, you are suggested to get a professional third-party Dropbox data download tool. Such applications are helpful in saving your time, data, and efforts too.

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