How to design the perfect photographer resume?

How to design the perfect photographer resume?

It is not easy to land your next big photography job. Therefore, it’s essential to have a professionally written photography resume to assist you in landing your ideal job. Also, it’s a good idea to look at a top-notch Photographer resume example if you’re looking for a new Photography job. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, salaried positions will become less popular as firms hire more freelancers. As a result, having a professional photography resume that sticks out from the crowd is crucial. In addition, photography resumes must strike a delicate mix between being traditional and creative.

Our guide below is jam-packed with step-by-step directions to help you navigate the resume writing process. Read the full article to get the idea for designing the perfect photography resume.

Tips for Creating a Killer Photographer Resume

Designing an appealing and relevant resume is a vital part of excelling in your career as a professional photographer. Here are some pointers to highlight:

Pay Attention To The Summary Section Of The Resume

The first thing a potential employer will look at is the resume introduction you include in the document. It’s your elevator pitch. As a result, it’s necessary to do everything properly while still making an excellent first impression on the employers.

Here are some standard forms to follow, depending on your total level of expertise:

Summary of Qualifications: It’s perfect if you have a lot of experience and accomplishments and are looking for a senior photography position. It works as a flexible introduction that is useful when posting your freelance photography resume to LinkedIn and other job-search sites. It is perfect for entry-level applicants to gain their first job because it focuses on a specific role.

Emphasise Your Experience

Your future employer is more interested in your expertise and accomplishments in the photography profession than the twenty bullet points explaining every minute detail of your early formative years. Therefore, you must include comprehensive employment experiences that demonstrate your photographic skills and quantitative accomplishments in your resume.

While most resumes include an education component, it is not required in the case of photography. Instead, include the school you attended, the dates you were there, and any degrees you earned. In addition, include any prizes or noteworthy accomplishments that illustrate your photographic talent.

Consider including a link to your LinkedIn profile on your CV. Because 87 percent of recruiters use LinkedIn, now is the time to establish yourself on the professional social networking platform. LinkedIn is also a great place to show off your photographic abilities and portfolio, regardless of your skillset.

Don’t be vague

Remember that it’s best to demonstrate rather than tell when crafting your photography resume experience section. Simple, short, and to-the-point bullets are best. Mention your contribution in your past employment in each bullet in your photography resume experience section. Make sure that an example supports each point. So, explain it rather than just saying you’re good at photography.

Strive To Strike A Balance Between Professionalism And Creativity.

As a professional photographer, your CV should demonstrate your creative abilities. But, at the same time, it shouldn’t deviate too far from the standard resume structure.

To begin, a current standard resume format or template is required. A large graphic header should be used in the template to establish the tone for the rest of the text. Your name and subsequent brand should be prominently displayed in the backdrop (if any). You may simply display your contact information in the top-right corner of a two-column resume style. You could add links to your LinkedIn page, Instagram account, and photographic portfolio, rather than just your basic information, click here for more info.

Candidates in many fields, including photography, should avoid providing personal social network links. However, if you have a strong Instagram or social media following, you may include it in your photography CV as a significant addition.

The content of the resume should be official. Simultaneously, the candidate’s portfolio should serve as an online supplement, containing anything from a list of reputable clients to examples of their excellent work.

Customize Your Skills

Finally, companies want to see your photographic abilities. As a result, simply mentioning basic qualities will not be enough. Instead, take note of the skills required for the position and then match your skills to those requirements. Make sure your abilities are as specific as possible. For example, if the position requires management expertise, explain the specifics of your management experience.

Finally, show off your abilities and what you excel at in photography! You will not stand out if you list general skillsets that many people can learn. As a result, emphasise your most vital attributes, identify what expertise the position requires, and then match your competence.

The following are the top five abilities for a photographer’s resume:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sales
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Video Editing
  • Graphic Design

Add Certificates On Your Photographer Resume.

While it is not always essential, photographers can earn qualifications to showcase their abilities better. Including these certificates on your resume can make it stand out, especially in a profession crowded with independent photographers. The following are some certifications you may obtain:

  • Adobe Certified Association
  • Certified Professional Photographer

What should you do if you have no photography experience?

Don’t worry if you have no prior professional experience as a photographer. You can consider a photography internship as job experience if you have completed one. Remember to explain the work you accomplished using solid verbs and specify the date you completed the internship.

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Winding Up

Resumes are a crucial element of the job application process. In order to land a well-paying job, you’ll need a strong Resume. For example, if you want to be considered for a professional photographer job, you’ll need to create a captivating photographer resume. Furthermore, you should strive for appropriate exposure to achieve the greatest results. Consider the time and effort you put in to achieve the perfect photo. The same may be said for your CV as a photographer.

When you have finished designing it, make it a point to review your resume. It’s a quick and easy technique to guarantee that you’re presenting yourself in the best possible way.


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