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Ibuki Mioda

Ibuki Mioda is a student of Hope’s Peak Academy, Class 77-B. She is part of the Killing School Trip and holds the title of Ultimate Musician. Her character design combines elements of classical music, manga, and anime. She is also a talented singer. To find out more about Ibuki, read this article. You will be surprised by her talent!

Character traits

Ibuki’s first friend is Mahiru, whom he calls “Ibuki-chan” in the beginning of the series. Ibuki is also disturbed by his music tastes, and he feels guilty for killing Mahiru in the Neo World Program. After the tragedy, Ibuki and Mikan become close friends again, but the relationship between the two has taken a turn for the worse.

Ibuki Mioda is a student at Hope’s Peak Academy. She is the Ultimate Musician. Although she is considered a minor character, she has made a lasting impression on the anime world. Her personality is unique and makes her one of a kind. If you’re a fan of this character, you’ll appreciate her unique traits. She’s a logical interpreter, and she’s prone to anxiety.

Average light music club member

Ibuki Mioda’s fashion sense is quite different from that of the average light music club member. She wears pink pants on one leg and ripped ones on the other. She wears white shoes with blue and pink lace. She also wears three silver rings on her left hand. Her attire includes a white shirt, light pink tie, and a short black skirt. She also wears a yellow pointed bracelet on her left hand and a necklace.


The Ibuki Mioda appearance is described as hyperactive and enthusiastic. She loves talking about things that are totally unrelated to the topic at hand. In addition to this, she also likes to write memos, although many of them are useless. She is a quirky character who likes to break the fourth wall in order to express herself and her feelings. When she gets upset, she may froth at the mouth and start talking twice. While this can make others uncomfortable, she prefers to act subdued around her friends.

Compared to other characters in the series, Ibuki Mioda has a somewhat pale skin tone and pink eyes. Her hair is a mixture of different colors, including black, blue, and white. She has two horns on her head that she wears on her head. Her clothes are also unusual, consisting mostly of black shorts and pleated skirts. Despite her eccentricity, she is very likable.

Dress style

Ibuki Mioda is a singer in the Japanese anime “Chibiuten”. Her dress style is different from a typical light music club member. She wears a black pleated skirt and torn thigh highs. She also has several tattoos, including two horns on her left lip, and she wears different colors of lace on her right and left shoes. She also has silver rings on her left hand and a necklace.

Ibuki has a bold personality and looks unique. She is one of the most energetic classmates and loves going off on tangents. She writes memos to help her remember things. She’s not the kind of person who likes to be in a relationship that lasts more than a few days. She has been compared to a boy called “Tadashi” and has an unusual dress style for women.

Relationship with others of the same gender

Ibuki’s relationship with others of the same sex is ambiguous in the manga. In the original Japanese release, she refers to herself in the third person, while in the English version, she addresses everyone with the honorific “-chan.” In addition, she sometimes calls her friends and teachers by their first names. The manga also mentions the relationship between the two characters.

Final Words:

Ibuki is also surprisingly bold in her appearance and personality. She is very energetic and often breaks the fourth wall by saying things twice. She also tends to forget things quickly, and often writes down notes for future reference. While this is a characteristic that many manga protagonists have, some manga readers might be confused by her lack of self-awareness. Ibuki is a great example of a manga character whose character is also unlikeable – but is not stereotypically male.


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