Everything You Need to Know About Women’s Straw Cowboy Hats

Do you love hats? The world of fashion is so fabulous that every outfit and dress will look complete and much more attractive with a hat. Nowadays, women are prioritizing cowboy hats to enhance their appearance. The cowboy hat is one of the best fashion accessories for women who love to wear Western-style dresses. The cowboy straw hats for women are not only eye-catching but they will look gorgeous when you pair them with a casual white shirt and faded blue jeans. 

As per reports, the hats were initially used by the ranchers. The design of the cowboy straw hats enhances airflow so that the ranchers can stay protected from the scorching Western sun. However, now women wear cowboy straw hats to showcase their fashion statement. Additionally, hats are extremely effective at protecting the neck and face from the scorching sun rays. 

Women can pair any of their outfits with hats. Not only just fashion dresses, but the hats are also attractive while wearing with the wedding outfits. Just like the cowboy boots, the cowboy straw hats are a great option to showcase your Western-styled looks. However, you need to be careful while choosing the perfect cowboy hat as per your appearance. This is because hats come in various styles. The cowboy hats are one of the best fashion accessories you can include in your wardrobe. As hats have become an integral part of the fashion industry, women are choosing cowboy straw hats all the time. 

What are the Different Types of Cowboy Hats?

Al the cowboy hats are available in two materials: felt or straw. Both materials have different advantages and serve different functions. 

Therefore, what material should you choose for your cowboy hat? Remember that straw cowboy hats are great for summer, whereas felt hats are effective in winter. Additionally, the women’s straw cowboy hats are lightweight. As the tradition of wearing straw hats developed in the Wild West area, this hat can protect you tremendously from the harmful UV rays of the sun. 

However, some straw hats are unique and more casual due to their loose weaving and floppy brim. Perfect and attractive straw hats are one of the best accessories during the summer. If you want a more elegant look, you should choose straw hats with detailed design and tightly woven. 

How Can You Wear Straw Cowboy Hats?

When you’re purchasing a straw cowboy hat, make sure it fits perfectly on your head. Additionally, choose hats that are extremely right on your head. You might think the tightness will decrease comfort, but it won’t. This is because the size of the cowboy hats increases with heat so that the heat can escape from your head. After wearing the straw hats for a significant amount of time, they will loosen up automatically and thus, comfort your head. As straw hats are lightweight, make sure they sit on your head tighter to prevent them from flying off in windy conditions

Don’t forget to consider the angle of the brim of the women’s straw cowboy hats. Depending on your face shape and mood, the tilt of your straw cowboy hat is capable of making a huge difference. You can tilt the front of your hats to showcase a more casual look. As per BBC, your appearance showcases your personality.

How Can You Fit Cowboy Hats According to Your Face?

This is one of the most important things you need to consider while purchasing straw hats. Make sure the cowboy hat is capable of complementing the shape and structure of your face. You can try different types of straw ts to determine the perfect one. Perfect hats will not only improve your facial features but also make you highly attractive. Let’s discuss what straw hats you should choose according to your face shape. 


The oval face shape is the perfect option for straw cowboy hats. You can choose any straw cowboy hat with any crown and brim combination. Make sure the hat can refer to your personality. You can also choose hats with a medium brim or higher crown. 


Round faces will look highly attractive when you wear straw cowboy hats with a high crown and slanted brim. Symmetrical shapes are one of the best options to encounter your symmetrical facial structure. However, make sure you avoid wide brims and rounded crowns. 


Square jawline, strong cheekbones, and wide forehead will look gorgeous with wide-brimmed straw cowboy hats. Rounded straw hats with curved brims will complement your strong jawline. You can also choose soft-brimmed straw hats to add a nice contrast to your face shape. However, make sure you avoid creases and harsh cuts. 


The heart-shaped face will also look enhancing in the straw hats. However, make sure you choose a hat with a small brim so that it can be balanced on your forehead. Avoid purchasing straw cowboy hats with larger brims. 


This is everything you need to know about women’s straw hats. Make sure you purchase the straw hats after examining the marking that indicates the tightness and quality of the straws. Remember that the hat will complement your personality, preference, and lifestyle. Hence, choose something that is most relevant. 

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