Ecommerce website development

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Ecommerce Website Development in India is witnessing phenomenal growth these days. The ecommerce market in India has seen rapid growth over the past couple of years. And though there have certainly been bumps in-between, it has continually bounced back. This tendency is yet to continue, and therefore, the ecommerce industry, valued at nearly $14.5 Billion in 2021, is on track to touch a staggering $80 billion by next decade. The reason for the spectacular promise of this business lies in the fact that India, being the third largest economy in the world, has a huge pool of skilled professionals who are well-versed with ecommerce software and can easily integrate it into their ecommerce websites. In other words, India’s web developers possess much better expertise than most of their counterparts abroad.

It is important that ecommerce website development is made as user-friendly as possible because when a user finds the product. He is looking for, he tends to spend less time looking at various other options and more time analyzing his choices. Ecommerce Web development helps in making the buying process convenient for the customers. For instance, if a buyer intends to buy a particular product over the Internet, then the checkout page, including payment options. Images should be extremely user-friendly and should not require any additional efforts for the customer. It is also necessary that the site should have comprehensive facilities like shipping, payment gateway and a payment option of one’s choice.

Edge Technologies

Ecommerce website development also calls for the use of advanced and cutting edge technologies. Which include the use of Java, Dot Net, PHP and many more. The choice of the platform to use depends on the kind of products to sale over ecommerce sites. It is vital that the platform selected for ecommerce website development must be compatible with all kinds of systems. Including the back end ones such as the accounting systems, accounting software and CRM/ ERP software. If your requirements are quite comprehensive and extensive, then you can consider using the platforms developed by well known web development companies.

ecommerce website development
ecommerce website development

Factors of eCommerce website Development

Another factor which needs to be taken care of while planning an ecommerce website development project is to make sure that the site is user friendly and appealing. A lot of users visit these sites frequently. And there is a need to make sure that the website functions flawlessly for these users. The site needs to have adequate security features like a lot of JavaScript security coding, secure sockets layer, virtual private server, etc. The security features are particularly important because a lot of ecommerce websites get a lot of online transaction traffic. Which is quite risky, especially when these transactions involve credit cards or other important monetary transactions.

An ecommerce website development process also involves proper planning and management time zone differences. A lot of users do not have much time during the day. So they tend to perform all their transaction transactions during the night or during the weekend hours. The site developer needs to take these factors into consideration and provide a sufficient buffer for the buyers to place the orders during normal working hours. It will save them a lot of time and they will satisfy with the result.

While planning ecommerce website development, you might want to include mobile-friendly navigation options. You cannot deny the fact that more shoppers use their smartphones to perform their shopping. They are quite comfortable with these devices and they do not find it difficult to use them for shopping purposes. With smartphones becoming a part of everyone’s life, it would make sense to develop a site that is easy to access on them. You might want to include a search bar in the mobile-friendly version of the website as well.

SEO of eCommerce website

Another thing that you need to consider in ecommerce website development is SEO. Search engine optimization plays a crucial role in ensuring that your website receives more traffic. In fact, a better SEO strategy will help you gain more sales. Most of the ecommerce businesses today realize the importance of SEO in their overall objectives. Therefore, they try to get a professional SEO company to create a meaningful link to their websites. When you combine both the elements of SEO and an attractive shopping cart, you have the perfect combination for successful ecommerce website development.

Last but not the least; you should also incorporate a payment gateway into your website. This is necessary if you are offering a product or service that accepts any form of payments like credit cards, PayPal, and others. Without the presence of a payment gateway. Your online shopping cart will experience a lot of problems and you might not receive the payments. Without the payment gateway, you cannot accept credit cards or you cannot perform online shopping cart functions. Therefore, it is important for ecommerce website development to integrate a payment gateway with your website.

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