Dream Fanart – Why Fan Art Is So Important

Dream Fanart

Fans of the popular YouTuber and singer have responded to the recent announcement of a contest for the perfect profile picture. The winner would receive $2,000 and the fanart should be realistic looking, reminiscent of the stars they like. Dream thanked the artist for his time and shared his favorite examples. Here is a list of his favorite examples of fanart. Read on to find out why fanart is so important. And learn how you can make your own.

Dream is a popular YouTuber

Although there is no official confirmation, Dream is one of the most popular YouTubers. A recent poll on SurveyMonkey found that 59.7% of people like Dream while 22.1% disagree. In January 2021, Dream was doxed by fans, and he addressed the matter the following day. He denied the accusations made against him by his former girlfriend. He also revealed that he almost died from an overdose.

Initially, Dream was virtually unknown on YouTube and was lost amongst a sea of Minecraft videos. To make himself stand out, Dream began to private his videos and studied the ins and outs of social media. As a result, his first upload had over 200,000 views within two days. The following three videos received more than two million views. Dream has also collaborated with many of the creators of YouTube.

He doesn’t like NSFW fan art

Fans of Dream have criticized the NSFW fan art in the Dream AU. While Dream doesn’t mind fan fiction, he doesn’t approve of NSFW fan art. The Dream team has long debated NSFW content. They believe that it shouldn’t be approved for minors. This new NSFW version has received mixed reviews from fans. However, it seems that fans can expect more from the new NSFW version of the AU.

Bad’s comments regarding NSFW fan art are worth watching. He doesn’t like sexualized fan content, but he is okay with general fan art and fiction. He has also said that he is okay with NSFW ship fan art, but not of him. If you’re interested in giving Bad an NSFW fan art donation, try to find a friend who draws similar images of you or your boyfriend.

He has a large following on social media

Dream Fanart is an illustrator and YouTuber with a huge audience. He has been making videos since 2009 and has amassed a huge following. He has also published books and has a large following on social media. In addition to creating art for video games, Dream also reviews toys and plays video games. He has also attracted attention from other content creators through his reaction videos. His YouTube channel currently has over 28 million subscribers and 900 million views.

Despite his large following on social media, Dream is still very private. Although he maintains a secret identity, he does post pictures of his favorite Minecraft character Patches. Dream has since hidden his account behind an anonymous handle so that he can avoid being recognized. However, his fans have found a way to get in touch with him via Twitter. Dream also has a large following on Instagram and Twitter.

He doesn’t care if people ship him

If you’re a fan of the anime, you’ve probably come across a bunch of Dream fanart, including NSFW ones. But does Dream care if you ship him? This episode of the show features a fan art competition with a $2,000 prize. During the contest, Dream asked fans to submit original, realistic-looking fan art depicting him. Fans responded in droves. Dream even shared some of his favorite entries!

Final Words:

While Dream doesn’t care if you ship him, he does want you to be respectful. Don’t call his fanart “sexy” or make any kind of joke about him or his appearance. Don’t post NSFW fanart that contains sexuality. And don’t make fanart where minors are present. Dream doesn’t want to hear about this, so don’t do it.


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