CFD Trading South Africa

CFD trading in South Africa

CFD trading in South Africa is a type of business where you can invest in the stock market by buying and selling contracts for difference. A CFD means “contracts from differences,” which gives traders more options when investing their money due to its leverage capabilities that allow them to take positions with only small portions of total trade values at once—you don’t own any asset but instead, believe it will rise or fall depending on how other people are feeling about currencies during this period/market condition etcetera.

The Advantages

1) You have access through brokers worldwide

2), There’s an easy way to get started

3). Margin requirements tend not to be very high

The downside to trading with leverage is that you are exposed if the price of an asset drops. This means your losses may increase due to how much was invested for things to go smoothly but didn’t work out as planned.

The best way around this problem would be by only investing what will cover my position at risk without any additional funds added into play during volatile periods or when unsure what direction the market might take next.

How It Works

When it comes to the buy or sell side of a CFD, two prices get quoted. The first one is called an offer price, and this refers to what you’re willing to spend to open up long positions with your shares (it’s always slightly higher than the current market). However, when opening short positions for cash-back purposes, they also have their respective bids, which means investors must be aware that trades executed at market rate will need lower values set.

Deal Size

CFD traders can trade in standardized contracts, also known as lots. They range from small stocks up through large futures markets like oil or gold mining shares that can have hundreds or even thousands worth trading individually at any one time! The size of these individual deals depends on the underlying asset being sold.


Nowadays, many people are switching to CFD trading because it has higher returns while having fewer risks. Unlike options or futures contracts where one must invest in either a call or put option at an agreed-upon price over some time before they expire and become worthless if not exercised by then–CFDs have no fixed expiry dates so that you can close out your position any time prior with just one trade! This means there will be more earnings from spot pricing movements since spreads won’t change during this period, unlike other types of businesses that require additional funding when depositing funds into them after opening up positions wider than desired due to fees kicking in on specific products like stocks might do (e).

Reliable CFD Trading Checklist in South Africa

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a South African investment platform trading broker online using CFDs.

Make sure CFD Trading South Africa Investment Platform Brokers have a history of at least 2 years. Make sure that CFD Trading South Africa Investment Platform Brokers have at least 15 reasonably sized client services. Are CFD Trading South Africa Investment Platforms brokers regulated by jurisdictions that can hold them accountable for your concerns? Or, at best, act as an arbitrator in the event of a serious dispute. Make sure your CFD Trading South Africa Investment Platforms broker can process your deposits and withdrawals within a few days. This is important when withdrawing funds. Does your CFD Trading South Africa Investment Platforms broker have an international presence in some countries? This includes presentations and training for local seminars. Make sure that CFD Trading South Africa’s investment platform can recruit people from different parts of the world who can communicate better in your local language. Our team has listed brokers that meet the following criteria: All broker data is summarized in a comparison table. Move down.

The following broker comparison table allows you to compare the following characteristics of brokers offering CFD Trading investment platforms in South Africa: Compare these features to facilitate informed decision making.

Minimum deposit amount to open an account. Financing methods available on the following CFD trading and investment platforms in South Africa. Those that can be traded with each broker. Trading platforms provided by these brokers. Margin type for each broker (if applicable). The level of customer service provided. Indicates whether each broker offers Micro, Standard, GDP and Islamic accounts. 2021 South Africa Top 15 CFD Investment Platform Comparison

This is South Africa’s top CFD trading investment platform.

Compare CFD Trading South Africa Investment Platforms minimum deposits, regulations, locations, benefits, funding methods and fees side by side.

All of the following brokers are CFD Trading South Africa investment platforms. See below for more information on what they offer. You can see more of the CFD Trading South Africa Investment Platforms that accept CFD Trading South Africa Investment Platform clients by referring to the comparison table below left and right.


If you are new to the world of CFD trading, it can be exciting but also risky. You should always ensure that your finances allow for any losses before investing any money into these types of trades as they come with many risks, just like all other investments do!

You have many options on how best to start: either online through brokers who offer them legally in South Africa; or by using virtual demo accounts which teach users what each option entails, so practice makes perfect. 

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