Best Ways to Set Up Worth While A/B Test for PPC Success

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PPC A/B Tests compare two versions of an ad copy, landing pages, or email to identify what makes the most impact on customers. The tests allow you to find what converts the most. You can cut your expenses on areas that are not performing well. 

The strength of A/B tests is their ability to tell you which variable brings you more conversions. PPC A/B testing improves user engagement rates. It will help you to write a better copy. You will also increase the quality of your ads and campaigns. 

You can test your CTA, visual elements in your ads, emails, landing pages, and more. Decide before you start which variable to test. Consistency with your variable is crucial. Otherwise, you will get inaccurate results.

It also helps to hire a PPC agency that has done A/B testing for companies in your niche previously. For example, a local tire shop that’s wanting to find out which Google Ad sets are performing the best might have more luck working with an automotive pay-per-click advertising agency instead of just a regular agency.

Tips for PPC A/B Testing

Learn how to set up tests effectively. Be patient and consistent. In addition, here are some things you should not do when setting up tests.

Things not to do:

  • Multiple variables. Testing more variables makes you doubt the validity of the test. Be consistent in what you test.
  • Stopping tests too early. You need to allow some time to test your variable. If you want accurate results, you have to maximize the time.
  • No goals. Fix your goals. Your testing should exclusively focus on those goals. You will waste time and money if you do not define your goals.

There are also a few things you should keep in mind when you do PPC A/B Testing

Things to do:

  • One Step at a time. It is tempting to test two unrelated landing pages, ads, or emails. But slow down. Start with the things familiar to you. Go with one element at a time. It will help you find which changes led to conversions.
  • Test early and often. Testing earlier is essential. It helps you prepare in advance and identify risks. Testing often will decrease the margin of error.
  • Be open. Your customers can be unpredictable. Look for changes in their behavior. It will help you develop solid strategies. It will help you improve the quality of your service.
  • Never Stop. Testing is not a once-for-all activity. So do tests frequently and test different variables. Testing often helps you find what converts.

Check Your Assumptions

When you start testing, you need to leave all your assumptions behind. Your circumstances are different. Things that worked for someone might not work for you. Sometimes your assumptions could be right. So you need to put them to the test. Narrow down your assumptions into testing ideas. And when you do A/B testing, you will know whether your guess is true.

Stick to Your PPC Metric

Your website might have a lot of things to test. But that does not mean you should do a test on every one of them. You need to prioritize. Focus on things decisive for conversions. When you pick a metric, stick to it. Do not end your test quickly when results do not end up in your favor.

Also, do not change your strategy before the testing is over. It is crucial to be consistent to get accurate results. If you want a PPC agency to help you with A/B testing, consider the SEO company Techmagnate. 

Increase Your Sample Size

When the results favor you, do not end the results. Celebrating the win might be a natural reaction. You cannot tell whether your results are accurate if your sample size is small. False positivity will cloud your judgments. The bigger the sample, the bigger is your success rate.

Your customers might react differently during the week than the weekend. So, it is necessary to keep your testing longer than a week. But there is also a limit to the testing time. After three months or so, customers might adapt to change. So, you will not see the real effect of your changes. So, make sure that your testing period is not too long.

Evaluating Results

Monitoring several metrics might be too much for you. That is where behavioral analytics comes in. The software gathers data and groups them. Visuals make it easy to understand how your customers behave. You can save time. Software is less likely to make mistakes. You will now find the winner (champion) of the two versions. It should be either your “A Version” or “B Version”.

Analyze what contributed to the success of the champion. Ask yourself what you can do with the winner to improve your strategy. When you have the results, it is necessary to see how it meets your goals. 

Microsoft Clarity is a free tool you can try. Its “Sessions Recordings” tracks user behavior from real sessions. Its “Click Heatmaps” helps you decide which CTA gets the most attention. Scroll heatmaps tell how much of a page a user is reading. Also, you can find the percentage of users who read a CTA or a paragraph. Sometimes, you need the services of a PPC company. The SEO company Techmagnate can help you with PPC.  

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