6 Ways to Take the Edge Off Young Drivers’ Car Insurance Premium!

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Car insurance australian government road safety statistics show that inexperienced drivers have been more susceptible to road accidents through the years. Several factors contribute to severe crashes. The ones that commonly pave the way for car collisions that involve young drivers are recklessness, distractions, peer pressure, or driving under the influence of alcohol.

Even with the best car insurance, young drivers need to shell out more on their premiums because of the above statistics. When choosing a policy, inexperienced drivers need to evaluate their needs carefully. For instance, a young driver who exercises extra caution and abides by road/traffic rules and regulations is at a reduced risk of accidents. On the flip side, a negligent inexperienced driver is more likely to meet with car collisions.

A comprehensive car insurance plan provides you with apex-level coverage. It covers accidental damage to your vehicle, legal liabilities for damage to somebody else’s car or property, car replacement or agreed value reimbursement in case of theft or write-off, damage caused by harsh weather, and several other benefits. 

A third-party fire and theft plan covers accidental damage caused to someone else’s car and property plus, damages/loss caused by an attempted break-in/theft and by fire. The least comprehensive plan type is third party property damage, which only covers accidental damage caused to someone else’s car and property.

Inexperienced drivers need to select a plan that best fits their driving attitude and the value of their car.

How to minimize the car insurance costs for young drivers?

Car Type

Usually, the ones that attract higher premiums are higher-end models, vehicles with modifications and vehicles that cost a lot to fix. If the inexperienced drivers want a lower quote, they shouldn’t go in unawares before investing in a car. They may choose to buy a more reliable model that wouldn’t raise the eyebrows of the insurer.

Security Features

Having added safety features will ensure the young driver’s vehicle security and may save on his insurance premium, depending on the insurance provider. For instance, when your vehicle has protective car components like anti-theft devices, remote tracking tech, vehicle immobilizers, etc., the insurer may find covering your car a low-risk affair. As a result, you may expect a lower quote from the insurance company.

Car Park Location

When buying a policy, your insurer will probably ask questions related to where you park your car. Parking in your lockable garage can get you a lower premium than it would cost you with parking it in the driveway or a street. Opt for a guarded location to park your vehicle to reduce the likelihood of theft.


If you drive less, you can pay less with some insurers. Inquire with the insurance provider to know more.

Driving History

Having a clean history is necessary to pay a lower premium. If you are a person who frequently gets into road troubles, gains demerit points, and ends up paying fines, it will affect your premium in the future. By not claiming for damage caused by accidents you can avoid paying more for your premium but a bad driving record is unavoidable!

Premium Payment

Depending on the insurer, young drivers can save a considerable amount if they pay their premiums annually rather than monthly. A one-shot payment helps you conserve money in the long run.

There are a lot of vehicle insurance policies available. Take your time to choose the best car insurance. Pay attention to the pointers above and assess your needs accurately. Remember, only comprehensive car insurance covers your vehicle damages. Compare the quotes of various insurance providers and sign up for an affordable plan to stay protected.

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