5 Tools to Charge up your Instagram Profile

5 Tools to Charge up your Instagram Profile


It is a notable reality that Instagram is presently a greatly established social media platform. With a user base of 2 billion, this tool is a great tool for influencers and businesses to grow their sales. The higher your Instagram engagement, the more likely you are to win more customers, so improving your Instagram profile should be a top priority. You can also Purchase Instagram likes from SocialPros.io to get more engagement.

According to the latest Instagram statistics, the platforms around the world have 170.4 billion users. While it got its beginning as a photo-sharing app, it got converted to a business platform. Millions of entrepreneurs use this service provider, from service providers to non-profit organizations, to from the e-commerce business owner to the drop-shipping e-commerce business owner make money on this platform.   

The numbers behind Instagram are great, and the platform grows with Facebook growth so to gain more reach while buying instagram likes from Viralyft.com. There are 28 billion monthly active users on Facebook, but the growth of Instagram in 2010 Instagram’s growth reached 1 billion users in 9 years. Let’s explore the best options as per experts, tools that can help you grow in the platform of Instagram:-    

1. Camber   

Camber is one of our favourite free design tools for creating images such as social media, blog posting. The Camber team created many wonderful Instagram story templates that can be customized. Templates are supplied with ideal dimensions, so they focus on  design and  properly have the aspects like ratio and size.  

Select a template to change the text, photos and background. Canva has an iOS app for those who like to design on the go, or you can use it to download your designs directly to your phone.   

2. UNUM   

UNUM want to help you design the perfect Instagram gallery. You can use the app’s Visual Planner to see what your gallery will look like after you post your next photo. The app also allows you to edit photos and videos, design captions and hashtags, and schedule posts. 

The Free Plan has 18 grids for scheduling posts and 500 photo and video uploads per month. I think this is enough for small businesses. If you need more scheduling grids and higher upload limits, UNUM offers two paid subscription plans, $ 2.99 and $ 6.99 per month. UNUM is available for iOS and Android (currently in beta).   

3. Hootsuite Composer

Create Instagram posts on this or schedule later using Hootsuite’s Composer. With an easy-to-use interface,  Composer becomes a powerful publisher with features to get the most out of your Instagram posts, including editing, tweaking, and of course scheduling. 

4. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is designed to help out businesses that generally manage their social media efforts more effectively and efficiently. This tool provides the data you need to monitor the performance of your Instagram campaign.    

You can easily track insights such as how your viewers have grown, or who recently unfollowed you, which Instagram posts were the most engaged, ideal post times, and more. You can also plan and view all Instagram scheduled posts. 

Grow and manage all your Instagram accounts. From a single dashboard!  The best thing about Iconosquare is that it helps you identify your brand’s Instagram influencers. Suggest relevant influencers to help your brand grow on Instagram.     

5. Tailwind

Tailwind is a great social media management tool with a primary focus on content scheduling on Instagram and Pinterest. Apart from that, it also acts as an analytics tool, providing Instagram analytics data such as trend reports, profile metrics, engagements, benchmarks and follower demographics.     

This is an official Instagram partner, so you can post directly to  Instagram as business account. Various other features provided by Tailwind include Most Powerful Hashtag Finder: 

  • Helps you engage with Instagram posts by providing highly relevant hashtags.
  • You can easily increase traffic from Instagram by providing a shoppable feed that updates automatically.
  • Connect and grow with the Tailwind community: It also helps you connect with creators and build strong connections in the Tailwind community.
  • Tailwind also offers a free Forever plan with limited functionality. The pricing package for this tool starts at $ 9.99 per month on your Instagram profile and  Pinterest account.


It depends on what you are selling and the business strategies and marketing tactics you are using. If you are just starting, you may not make much money. But as Instagram has more followers and better marketing, it can grow.

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