Top 5 Different Ways to Build a Website

Top 5 Different Ways to Build a Website

If you are looking to begin your online journey, one of the first questions you will want to ask is what are the different ways to build a website. It might seem like an odd question, but it is the first and most important question you will need to answer before moving forward with the next steps. The answer to this question determines which route you will take to start building your online presence. Today, we will discuss the different ways to build a website so that you can make the right as you move further.

Method #1 – Use a Website Builder

The first option for building a website is to buy a website builder. It is a piece of software that allows for creating an appealing website quite easily and fast. As a rule, website builders usually come with pre-made websites and templates, so you only have to customise a bit to make your website unique. You may be able to get a free trial with a website builder to see if it is a good fit. All these make website builders a great option if you want to save some money.

Most website builders offer a one-time price for your website. However, some website builders also offer an option where you can use your domain name for an extra fee. This allows you to sell your site once it is live if it is your business purpose. This is especially great for those looking to get a new website on their own domain name. All in all, using a website builder is a good option, but it is better to develop custom website with the help of a professional agency.

Method #2 – Build a Website on a CMS

The second option for building a website is to use a Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows you to design your website and manage all the content in a single dashboard. This makes it much easier to publish new content and changes, making it great for those with less technical knowledge.

One benefit of a CMS is that it is very easy to share content. For example, you can post photos on Facebook with just a click. There are a lot of different types of CMS solutions. What is more, many of the big content management systems also offer theme development for those who are more technical. The one you choose will be very dependent on what you are looking for.

Using a CMS is great if you want to save money. There are a lot of different companies offering free or very low-cost websites, making it easy to get started. They are also great for those who don’t want to learn to code.

Method #3 – Buy a Website Template

There are many reasons why it makes sense to buy a website template instead of building a site from scratch. This approach makes it much easier to design a website that looks professional, although you’ll need to know a fair bit about web design. This option will cost you a bit more than simply using the drag-and-drop website builder provided by your web host, but you’ll still get a lot more from a website template — you will get a project that is responsive, web-optimized, and can be customised as per your needs.

So if you don’t know anything about designing a website, building your own website from scratch yourself may not be the ideal solution. This is where a website template will come in handy. In this case, your site will be made from a single template that someone else designed.  You’ll be able to create a simple website from a web template, and you’ll be then able to customise it in numerous ways. It is only necessary to select a template that meets your needs.

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Method #4 – Hire a Web Development Company

If you don’t want to develop a site yourself, you can hire a web development company to do it for you. Professional programmers might be an excellent alternative for owners of small to medium-sized businesses who want to create one-of-the-kind projects.

By resorting site development to a team of programmers, you’ll receive a unique website and won’t have to spend any time constructing it yourself. You can request any custom features — from a catchy carousel to a highly converting CTA. What is more, some website development companies have a UX/UI designer in their team and will be able to deliver a full-fledged project to you. 

Method #5 – Create a Custom Website Yourself

The first, oldest, and most technical approach for creating websites is to hand-code everything. This is how web pages were created in the early days of the Internet. The sites were actually coded by hand, line by line, and in HTML.

It is needless to say that creating a custom website yourself is a lengthy and laborious procedure. You need to take care of both the front-end and back-end sides of your web project and follow the best practices when creating a site. Only in this case can you create a site that is user-friendly, easy to optimise, and brings a lot of traffic/leads. The good news is that you do not need to pay anyone to have the work done. So if you have a limited budget and want to create a quality website, this option is for you.

Final Say!

Building a website doesn’t have to be a daunting task, as long as you have the right information. Many approaches discussed above require you to learn a few things about HTML, web design, and content creation before you start building your website. You can create your website using a website builder, CMS solution, or template, hire a professional developer, or do everything yourself. There is nothing good or bad — it is all up to you to choose what option works best for you.

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