The Advantages of Senior Debt Financing in Hawaii for Both Lenders and Borrowers

Senior Debt Financing

The funding requirements of businesses can differ in terms of size and scale as well as industry. Even among small businesses, there are differences in size and scale of operations that reflect in their requirement of business funding in Hawaii and elsewhere. Senior debt financing is one kind of credit that is available to small businesses that want a lower cost of borrowing but is fine with collateralized debt. Additionally, such funding also allows a much longer-term repayment of the debt, which many businesses prefer as it suits their operational objectives.  

One of the main objectives of small business funding is the speed at which the lender approves and disburses the credit. When you choose senior debt financing from an alternative lender, you start with a big advantage. Since it is a collateralized loan, the lender is not under any kind of anxiety about the risk of the debt not getting serviced properly. However, as the borrower, you should relax just up to the point that you are paying a lower rate of interest and have a much longer tenure to repay the loan. Beyond that, just focus on servicing the debt as best as you can. 

Funding from alternative lenders gives you multiple options 

Keeping the needs of small businesses in mind, alternative lending companies have designed a number of borrowing options that are suited to the needs of businesses of varied sizes and in different situations. Even among small businesses, there are larger businesses with funding requirements going up to a million dollars or more. 

Hence, an established small business with a good growth record, aiming to move up to the next level with an expansion plan, will have a different funding requirement as compared to a corner store. Such fast-growing companies need business capital loans that are available without any unnecessary hassles. 

Lending that is designed to be flexible and fast 

When a small business looks around for business funding solutions, it is usually based on two priorities – fast availability of credit and with minimum to no hassles at all. This is not possible with traditional lenders who normally shun small businesses as their funding requirements are too small. 

When you apply for US business funding in Hawaii or in any other state, you can get the advantage of super-fast approval and disbursal of funds, usually within 24 hours. This is the kind of funding support that growth-oriented small businesses need in order to prosper and compete better. 

You still have the choice of multiple modes of finance 

Many a time, your funding requirement is so little and for such a short duration that you are left to wonder how and where to get it from. When you approach alternative funding companies, they will offer you merchant cash advances that you can repay entirely after a short tenure. 

Of course, the cost of borrowing in such credit is higher than normal, but it is perfect to meet pressing short-term urgencies. If you feel that the cost is worthwhile, go for it by all means. That’s what alternative lenders offer – unique business funding solutions

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