Is mobile SEO is more important than Desktop SEO

Desktop SEO

 Desktop SEO Google as internet machinery is something that has acquired an incredibly important position and people across the world cannot imagine living without it. Coming in during the early 90s, they acquired an important position instantly, but their growth never stopped, and now the time is such that people trust google completely. Everything that they want to know, including all the topics that you could possibly think about, also some unexpected ones are present on Google. But, you should know that Google works with search engine optimization, which is famously known as SEO, where you write certain words which you are looking for and see the desired results.

Earlier SEO was only known to be operated by desktop, but recently everyone has come to know of it through mobiles as well. This is the reason why users keep asking about, Why is mobile SEO important? I’m pretty sure that if you are here and have reached this portion through reading, then you are definitely interested in knowing about the mobile used Seo and also the difference between desktop and mobile. In this article, we will let you know completely about which SEO is better and which should be used. However, the lack of SEO knowledge, whether desktop or mobile causes people to stay behind when it comes to their websites and their reach. So, if you want to know more about related topics, you must visit Battersea Web expert, this will help you with SEO and its usage. 

Brief details about mobile Optimization.

There are many users who are well aware of the usage of SEO on their desktop, but they do not know much about the usage of it on their mobile. So, before we tell you the distinction between Mobile and Desktop SEO, we should know enough about mobile SEO. In the next few points, we will let you know about Mobile-first indexing 2021.

  • Page speed is extremely important in Mobile optimization SEO. You have to make sure of Images and their minifying, caching, and many more factors. So, it gives you a lot of advantages if you make sure that the page speed is on point in Mobile SEO. 
  • The design of the sites through mobile optimization is such that it can incorporate as much information as you want through Mobile optimization. There is no need for a fold option and you can scroll as deep as you can and find things that are required. 
  • External links also work well with mobile SEO, it was an issue that users discussed. They wanted to know how will one deal with the external links and will it be there through mobile optimization, so it is present and provide amazing service to users. 
  • Pop-up advertising is however something that does not go well with this mobile SEO. It can be infuriating and not well-advised when it comes to ads that come on your Mobile site SEO. 

Is mobile SEO more important than desktop SEO?

Now we reach the main portion of the article, we have to talk about the Mobile vs desktop ranking. All the users are concerned about what is the better option and have come through the entire article to know the answer. So, without wasting more time, let’s know the answer to ‘Is Mobile SEO more important?’.

  • To answer your question simply, yes, in the recent past it has proved to be true that mobile SEO is more important. People have been designing their websites to make them more viable for Mobile users.
  • However, there is quite a logical reason behind this increased usage or importance given to Mobile SEO. Smartphones are everywhere and with everyone, the increased number of phones has naturally increased the number of people who go to websites using Search engine optimization.
  • Also, all the benefits and reasons which attracted the people to use desktop-based SEO are present in mobile SEO. So, the users can take full advantage and the owners of the websites are there making even more profit as more people are using it from their phones. 
  • Another statistic that shows that mobile SEO is more important is that 50-80℅ traffic comes from mobiles, which is a testament to the fact that SEO mobile is important. 

Google tools to check your website is mobile-friendly or not

Mobile-friendly test:

You can check your website is mobile-friendly or not with google’s free tool. It’s the first thing you need to do because if your website is not mobile optimized then your website will never rank on mobile.

Google Page Speed:

Website speed is also a ranking factor Google has announced in July 2018. If you want to rank higher on mobile then you should definitely focus on your website speed. Google page speed checker can help you to check your website speed on desktop and mobile usually mobile website speed is slow in comparison to the desktop website, so you have to increase your website speed as much you can. Follow this tool suggestion it will tell you the reason why your website is slow.

7 Tips to improve your mobile website speed.

1. Choose a theme or design your website which is mobile friendly

I’ve seen many websites on the desktop that works well but on mobile all things are mashup. The reason for this is they are using low-quality free themes or they have not to design the website according to mobile. So it’s better to create mobile-friendly websites.

2. Optimize your meta title and description

Meta title and description are some of the most important practices in SEO because a user clicks on this search which users think is helpful for them. Usually, for desktop, you can write the meta title longer than 60 characters but the mobile screen size is small, So check your title in mobile before updating the title and description.

3. Make Responsive web design

To increase your website ranking you should make your website responsive for every screen size. You can use CSS media queries to make your website a responsive user can visit your website from any device and they don’t face any issues. Remove every technical error from your website users and google both hates errors so make your website complete before indexing your website on google

4. Implement in website website

Due to the problem of the screen size of mobile, you can increase the limit of your title and description for users to understand your content. So include users clicks on the results which they think it trusted and good content inside it. Users analyze this by seeing their title, description, and tags. So it’s most important to use this to improve clicks on your website.

5. Hire a Seo Agency 

Yes, you heard right SEO takes effort and advanced knowledge. Your all competitors are now using SEO services to rank their website and get businesses. If you are a business owner and want to increase your business growth hire a professional SEO agency that is not costly now.

6. Implement AMP on your website

Google already mentioned that speed is also a ranking factor, also for mobile websites. AMP is a structure code for websites to improve their speed. AMP is not for every website, for example, eCommerce, payment gateway, and most dynamic websites do not implement AMP because it has some structure limitations. You can add AMP in blogging websites and business websites where the code is simple. So if you want to improve your website speed on mobile then you can use AMP on your website.

7. Optimize images

Optimizing your website images can do a big positive impact on your website because generally, it takes half of the size of a webpage. For the desktop website, you have to use a good quality image because their screen is bigger than mobile. But if you are optimizing mobile SEO then you don’t need high-quality images for your website. You can use alternative images for mobile. If your website is built in WordPress then it’s easy to optimize your images, just download a plugin likes smush it will optimize your website image. For a custom build website you can use 2 different images for mobile and desktop websites it will give your website a boost.


In this blog, we have discussed why mobile SEO is more important than desktop SEO. Both have their importance but it’s clear that nowadays mobile searches are greater than desktop searches and more audiences are more into searching in Mobile. To make your website mobile-friendly we have given some tips which will definitely improve your website ranking on mobile.





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