Instagram Reel Editing Tips To Expand Your Reach

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Are You Smiling REEL Big Today?

Well, you should

We have brought the most effective tips to edit your Reels so that you can use them in your favor big time.

Many people know how to gain followers on instagram, but don’t yet know how powerful Reels can be when it comes to brand promotion. This is why we have decided to shed light on some editing tricks to help you stay ahead in the curve and beat your competitors. 

So, without further ado, let’s start.

1: Add Music

When you open Reels tab on Instagram, you will see that most Reels have music, and that’s what makes the Reel catchy.

So, if you want your Reel to grab audience attention, you must add some catchy music to it. 

While choosing the music, you must remember trending songs have the best impact as many people are using them, and people also search those songs with hashtags on the search bar.

#How To Do It?

  1. Go to Reels and press the photo icon in the top right corner.
  2. Click on the music icon on the left corner to select a song for your Reel.
  3. After selecting song, you will automatically be directed to the recording screen.
  4. You can also select a particular part of the song by pressing the thumbnail icon on the left side.

2: Record Reels Hands-Free

Your Reels will have a better visibility and edit once you use the hands-free feature. Thus, you can capture a moment from further away.

Suppose you have a fashion brand and you want to explore the full-body shots of your latest collection, using the hands-free feature will be more helpful to you.

You can also record the behind-the-scene reels with this option. 

#How To Do It?

  1. Open the Reels maker.
  2. Press the stopwatch icon on the left corner.
  3. Drag the slider to select how long your clip will will show. Now, press the Set Timer button.
  4. Tap the record button.

3: Add Texts

If you add captions to your Reel, it helps you relate to the audience more because it showcases what’s hidden in the video.

Even if people with hearing difficulties watch the Reel, they will understand what’s it about.

You can even add stylish visual details to the Reel with texts. If you don’t have any captions in mind, just add the song lyrics as captions.

#How To Do It?

  1. Open the Reels maker.
  2. After choosing your song, press the Recording button.
  3. Once you are done making the Reel, press the arrow icon.
  4. When you are on the editing screen, you must press the Aa icon to type your text message. 
  5. Use the correct font, color and text size to add the caption and tap Done.

4: Use Filters

Instagram Reels have a grat library of filters and if you select the right one from the list, your Reel will look bewitching to your audience.

It is one of the most essential editing skills that your Reel needs.

You can even get a little silly and use quirky filters or can get extremely professional to use the avant-garde blur filter. No matter which filter you choose, make sure it looks identical to your brand.

#How To Do It?

  1. Go to Reels and tap the smiley face icon at the left-hand side.
  2. You will be presented a huge selection of filters. Choose one among them.
  3. Hold the filter icon and use the timer icon to record hands-free.
  4. Once you are done, select the arrow icon to proceed further.

5: Use Multiple Scenes In Reels

You can quickly stitch together snaps to make a small movie in Reels and that’s one of the best editing features IG Reels have.

Once you combine multiple snaps to create a Reel, you increase your chances to engage more with your audience. 

You can use your IG camera to record the content or use pre-recorded clips to make the Reel with multiple scenes.

#How To Do It?

  1. Open the Reels editor.
  2. Choose any songs or effects, and then hit the record button.
  3. Repeat the process to add another clip.
  4. You can also add a pre-recorded clip. Just swipe up, choose the clip, drag the sliders, and tap Add.
  5. Press the backward icon to review the full Reel.

Become A Reels Expert Instantly!

You can manage your Instagram Reels conveniently if you use these editing tips. 

Make sure you monitor all your social media statistics from a single dashboard so that it becomes easier for you to engage the audience with the musical performance.

For further questions, ask us in the comment box. We will come back to you with an answer immediately. 

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