5 Innovative Designs That Can Make Your Cigarette Boxes Roar



Cigarettes are not at all good for human bodies as it contains tobacco and nicotine in excess quantity. Everyone knows it still a great number of people are addicted to it and they cannot help themselves. The government has arranged many campaigns to guide the youth about the disadvantages of cigarettes that slowly this addiction can lead you towards death. Even many centers are established, for already addicted people. they can come there get proper treatment and get rid of this bad habit.

So, we should try to avoid the usage of cigarettes. But if I talk from a business perspective then every brand must design their cigarette boxes amazingly so that customers can be attracted. Many brands are working in this field and it is not easy to compete with them. So here we will discuss five innovative designs that can make your cigarette boxes roar.

Add Compartments To Sturdy Packaging

The first tip that we can give you for designing your custom printed cigarette boxes is to use sturdy packaging with airtight technology. So that the cigarettes you pack inside don’t break before the customers use them for themselves. Plus, they must have been airtight so that customers can use the cigarettes for a long time. We all know that those who are addicted to cigarettes can consume many cigarettes at one time.

And they don’t need to save them for a long time. But still, it is your firm responsibility to play safe and make boxes with a lid so that cigarettes are not damaged by bacteria nor they expire soon. Contrary to this brand can add compartments to their custom cigarette box packaging. These compartments give a neat look to your box and customers can easily know the number of cigarettes packed inside.

Design Your Elegant Cigarette Boxes

Choose a vibrant design for your cheap cigarette box packaging. The designs on the boxes are the first thing that can grab customers attention and can motive them to buy cigarettes of your brand. Your firm can opt for simple or complicated designs depending on the box size. But few ideas of the designs of cigarette boxes Australia are:

  1. Floral designs
  2. Stamp packaging
  3. Silver or gold stamping
  4. Black packaging
  5. Relevant packaging

All these looks good on cigarette boxes but you have to choose according to the latest market trend and your budget range. These days black packaging is trending you can use black boxes and label them with white color. Such boxes look so cool. But relevant packaging is also a great idea you can use cigarette images and create some stories. Then print this story on the box as it can also look appealing to human eyes if you are a good storyteller.

Colors & Elegance To Beautify Your Boxes

The next step is you can add different colors to these designs and add a different level of charm in cigarette boxes wholesale. Either you want light or dark colors but choose them carefully. The color of the box, designs and labelling should complement each other. If you fail in creating balance and contrast among all the colors your custom printed cigarette boxes will fail to impress the public.

And this can lead to a loss for your company. Usually, people prefer dark colors on the box of cigarettes but you can use white color as well. Because the white color is trending in the market these days. Always follow the latest market trend when you are designing and styling your custom cigarette box packaging.

The Overall Ambience Makes Your Packaging Worthy

The overall shape of the box also creates a big effect on the sales of the firm. That is why choose amazing shapes for the cheap cigarette box packaging. Some ideas for the boxes of cigarettes are:

  1. Folding boxes
  2. Square shape boxes with a window in the center
  3. Transparent boxes
  4. Sliding boxes
  5. Rectangular boxes

All these shapes are fantastic but according to my perception. If you want to beat the sales of other firms then you have to be creative. So, what you can do is use square shape folding boxes with a die-cut window. Folding boxes are easy to open and close. Plus, the window can give an inner view of the box and create temptation in the audience to buy cigarettes of your brand packed in cigarette box Australia. That can increase your sales and then your brand can earn a good profit margin because of this packaging style.

Add Laminations Pus Inner & Outer Printing

Ok to give a luxurious effect to your cigarette boxes wholesale brands can add lamination to them. lamination give extra coverage to your boxes from water. So that your designs or labelling is not spoiled by the water. Plus, lamination gives a luxurious finishing to your boxes. There are two types of laminations for the custom cigarette box packaging. you can use any as per your desire

  1. Black mate finishing
  2. Glossy colorful finishing

Contrary to this always print brands names on these custom printed cigarette boxes. So that people can learn about your brand. Besides this label these cigarette boxes with essential details about the product like its indigents, manufacturing and expiry date. So that before using the product one can know about it. And if he finds it inappropriate for himself then he can stop using it. Additionally, brands can opt for inner printing as well for their cheap cigarette box packaging. Inner printing is not that expensive and looks great on the boxes. When people open the box usually, they don’t expect a message inside. But if your brand steps forward and do this then it will be great.


Firms have to design cigarette boxes wholesale in an innovative way. So that when people come to buy cigarettes and have a wide range of options. Then your packaging style impresses them and encourages them to buy cigarettes of your brand and leave others. Plus, focus on the taste of your cigarettes I mean to say quality so that people don’t get upset after unboxing and using your items. In this way, you can achieve your desired organizational goals in less time.

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