10 Handy Ways To Prevent Scammers From Robbing Your Funds!

10 Handy Ways To Prevent Scammers From Robbing Your Funds!

1.    Cut off all communication channels

The first step to avoid being scammed and stop these scammers is by cutting off communication channels. For example, if you get a suspicious email, text message, or call block that number and blacklist it. Delete the number and put a spam filter in your email and avoid any such call. Simply cut the call and block and delete! 

2.    Ask several questions

If you’re looking to invest somewhere and you feel like an agency isn’t credible the best way to understand their credibility is by bombarding them with several questions. You need to look at all the fine print and you need to ask tons of questions. Trust me they’ll run away and once you notice their reluctance to reply you’ll understand it’s a fake company or a fraudulent service. 

3.    Know their tactics and manipulating methods

The third step is to know the tactics of scammers. Let me go through a few of them which include avoiding any government agency requesting for personal agency trust me there’s no government agency that will need your account password and credentials, avoid any phishing emails, avoid any business opportunities with huge rewards in a day, avoid any such companies that promise you tons of money within a day and lastly avoid any impersonation of a celebrity. You’re not that famous and no Ryan Gosling isn’t looking for your password. Please be smart! 

4.    Initiate relevant organizations

Instead of listening to these scammers, you should be proactive and you should contact all the relevant organizations. You need to contact a cryptocurrency organization or a charity company yourself don’t trust anyone who says they’ll do it for you. Do your own work and reap the benefit of your own work. There is no one waiting to do something for you and someone who says they are is most probably scamming you. 

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5.    Safeguard your personal information

This is by far the most important advice I can give you and that is to keep your email address, phone number, contact information, account password, and other important information to yourself. When a website is asking for your own address or card number it is an imposter website. Please avoid such shady websites! Only give card information to websites that you trust such as company websites or others that are known for being secure.

6.    Practice safe surfing

Scammers adore malware and new technology which can easily allow them to track your financial information. The best way to avoid such scamming is to install a firewall and practice safe surfing. 

7.    Pay attention and be alert

The best tip I can give you is to pay attention to all the signs and small things that scammers do. It’s the little unnoticeable things that lead these scammers to scam thousands of people. Notice every single thing and be alert regarding your personal information and financial information. 

8.    Stay informed of possible scammers

Another tip is to know possible scammers by doing a search online and you’ll get tons of customer reviews. Avoid all such websites and refrain from all such companies. 

9.    Report it to all the relevant agencies

The most important thing to do when you notice something suspicious is to contact the federal agencies such as government agencies that deal in fraud and scam reports. 

10.    Use The Global Payback to recover funds

The last step to do if you get scammed is to contact the global payback to recover your funds. This is the best company to recover your money and I’ve read tons of positive customer reviews and trust me this is the last and most important step. You need a good company that’ll help you recover your funds and the global payback is the one. 

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