How to improve UI/UX Design for More Conversions

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Conversion rates are the best tools to analyze and compare the results of different advertising platforms. Conversion rates are especially significant while executing mobile user acquisition campaigns as it helps in measuring the performance of each campaign. Appropriate conversion rate analysis can disclose the channel’s effectiveness for advertising a specific app, allowing advertisers to assess the performance of their material and utilize it to inform strategic decisions. If your data reveals that a conversion rate is lower than intended, you can use it to identify problems with an app’s user interface and other areas for development. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the main points regarding the improvement of UI/UX Design. But before moving forward we’ll discuss UI/UX designs and their importance in conversions.

What are UI/UX designs

The user interface is basically the whole process or site that enables an interaction between the user and the machine as you are interacting with the device to read this article. It allows a user to interact with it so that desired outcomes can be achieved. We interact with the machine while keeping in the process all of its input and output devices.

User experience refers to the experience of the user after using any product or website. The word is invented by Don Norman while working at Apple in the 1990’s. He said that this term includes all possible products experience-related outcome comprising of user’s relation, its services, and goods.

What is the Conversion rate

The percentage of users executing the desired actions is being recorded known as a conversion rate. The number of users performing the action is divided by the total size of the audience, and the result is then converted into a percentage.

Now we will discuss that how a person can enhance the conversion rate using the design strategy of UI/ UX:

Add Appealing images

Being a human we are always more reactive to visuals as it intensifies our experience. So that including graphics and videos on your website can always be beneficial. We all know that none of us has the time to read long paragraphs with instructions on how to do a specific task. In this scenario, an appealing and instructive image or video can help the user, and he or she will undoubtedly respond to it.

Avoid 404 error

Due to numerous reasons, 404 errors appear on the page while searching for any specific URL. The reason is not always the same as it appears due to multiple reasons including:

  • Removal of the said content or website from the internet
  • Incorrect writing of the URL
  • Disturding internet connection

According to Ilmibook all these reasons ultimately made the user realize that they are just wasting the time and they moved to the other URL. The main question is how you have managed your error page you can also arrange it a bit or can minimize the correction in it by proper removal of the error.

User-Friendly Language

UI/UX  designs includes many terminologies that are unknown to the layman like that of 80/20 rule, prototype, or A/ B Testing. Users don’t even have the interest to know about these terminologies as it only wasted our time and energy. And that’s quite obvious if the user finds it difficult to read your content then he/ she will ultimately move towards any other website. So while working on the language keep it in mind to use all the user-friendly and coherent language that creates the same meaning in your and consumer’s mind.

Placement of the Button

The action call button is must to have while enhancing the conversion rate of any website. This is a kind of call for acting on the desired function. It is the section of the landing page where the user must click to complete the action you want them to take. Depending on your conversion goal and website style, CTA buttons can come in a variety of styles and sizes. So in order to make it more reliable and effective, one must keep in mind to place it at a place it is more visible and accessible for the user.

Improve the impression of the site

In all circumstances, the phrase “first impressions are last” applies. When you initially get on a website, try to make it as appealing as possible. The user who has arrived on your website must have something to do, therefore if the website and style are unappealing, the user will feel irritated, which will result in a low conversion rate.

Enhance clarity and easiness

The UI/UX  designs must always be user-friendly it must guide its audience fully by providing them all possible instructions. Like, instruct them how they can buy a product from your site. Don’t make them fill so many forms or boxes to place a single order. As so many steps will make the user exasperating and he/ she will quit working on it. The same will be applied in the case of clarity of instructions on the site.

Use eye-catching colors

While working upon the appearance of the website color plays a mandatory role in it. The color of the website is directly connected with your business items or materials. You know your niche market and psyche of the customers now you need to work upon your color combinations. Because changing the mild color of your action button can enhance the beauty as well as effects the decision of the customer.

Final Thoughts

Certification globe says a well-defined page goal and clarity in the content are the main factors that ensure the high conversion rate of your site. It is our responsibility as a UI/ UX designer, to provide, and an engaging experience to our customers without reducing our conversion rate. You can surely achieve your desired conversion rate level by following the above-mentioned suggestions keenly. Try to work more by practicing and taking advice from the experts as it will polish your knowledge and skills. You’ll discover that testing frequently produces some unexpected outcomes.

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